24 January 2021

My classes for college start tomorrow, but I was able to learn a fair bit of Italian in the time I had. However, I will definitely continue to watch videos in Italian or about Italian. It seems that the newspaper is the best way to learn for my level.

I’ve started learning Norwegian on Duolingo. I think Duolingo is a great way to get to know the language before looking at other resources that you can actually use to build your way toward fluency. …

10 January 2021

I’ve started trying to take a page of notes in Italian per day, and it’s been working so far, except for Thursday. This means I end up going over multiple concepts per day. Yesterday, for example, I took notes over the Futuro Semplice (Simple Future) as well as the Preposizioni Articolate. Some days I even practice as part of the page. Even though I’m taking notes on multiple topics per day, I take time to review those notes as well, and I practice the concepts on other days. …

3 January 2021

Firstly, happy new year to everyone! While it IS just an arbitrary line drawn in time, it certainly does give a feeling of a fresh beginning, that hopefully this year can be better.

In line with this concept of immersion, I watched a movie in Turkish. A couple things to note about the movie is that it made me realize that Turkish speakers speaks fairly quickly. I had to put the movie on 0.75 speed to be able to try and replicate what the characters were saying. I did, however, learn a few words from that, like…

31 December 2020

In my time acquiring the four languages that I have so far acquired, I’ve come to realize that the world is too large to only speak one language for your entire life, and with the spread of the internet, more and more resources in foreign languages have become available to the point where it is incredibly useful to be able to read text in the foreign language, in its original context. Another side effect of a continuing trend of globalization is that for the first time on such a massive scale, people from around the world have…

28 December 2020

To practice my French a little bit, I’ve decided to write in French. Pour practiquer mon français un peu, j’ai décidé écrire en français.

Je parlerai de mon jour hier. Je me suis révillé à 8 heures et, après une douche, mon père et moi avons commencé la classe du Sanskrit avec mon cousin. Nous avons appris les sons (les voyelles et les consonnes) de la langue.

Mon frère a préparé des crêpes, si je les ai mangé. Après quelques vidéos sur l’acquisition des langues et sur la langue turque, j’ai practiqué le piano. J’ai mangé du poulet pour me donner de la protéine, et j’ai exercé.

Le dîner était la pizza, je l’a mangé et téléphoné mon ami.

26 December 2020

I’ll start first by talking about the languages I want to learn before assigning them a time. I’ve never been the best with planning, and that can for sure be seen in my language-learning journey (just this summer, I had a fling with Greek that only lasted for two weeks). One of the polyglot youtubers I watch, Elysse Speaks, posted a video about her goals for 2021, so that got me thinking that I should make a plan instead of going off of my whims.

My cousin who lives in India has a degree in Sanskrit, so…

25 December 2020

Hello everyone and happy holidays! My name is Nihar and I like to learn languages. Language-learning has come easily to me, since I speak two languages natively, Marathi as my mother tongue, being the first language of my family, and English as the language of the United States, where I’ve grown up and currently live, so I find language learning to be an easy way to manifest my love of languages (I’m a linguistics major), as well as impress people.

Past those two languages, I started learning Spanish for a little while in elementary school, but I…


Hi! I'm Nihar, and I like to learn languages. My account on here is to document my journey, plus to have a place to write!

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